Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: The Best Friend Battle by Lindsay Eyre

Sylvie has been away at a family vacation for the past few weeks.  When she returns, she finds her best friend Miranda has been hanging out with new guy Georgie and Josh. Sylvie suspects Miranda and Georgie are becoming to close of friends.  Miranda is even cheering Georgie on at the baseball game and going to his house without her for a welcome to the neighborhood party.  Sylvie and Georgie just can't seem to get along,  he's been calling her "Scruggs" and teasing her about pitching.  And what is it with trying to steal Miranda away by buying a cooler present than hers?  Sylvie just can't let that happen.  She is determined to figure out what he is buying Miranda and get her something even better.  She'll prove to Miranda that they are still BFF's.  Or will things go horribly wrong?

The Best Friend Battle is a cute story about what happens when one friend finds out that the other might like someone new better.  Just the sort of thing that might happen in this age range. Sylvie just goes a little to far in my opinion (stealing Georgie's ferret by mistake), to prove her friendship to Miranda.  I think it is realistically portrayed, I just don't usually like the idea of children sneaking around at night, even if they have the best of intentions in setting things right.  I really liked Miranda, she was upbeat and was trying to bring her two friends together.  I enjoyed the culturally diversity of the characters, as well as the inclusion of both boys and girls. I love a story that shows both boys and girls can be friends too.  There was plenty of humor (Sylvie's five year old twin brothers were adorable), wonderful black and white illustrations and it was a pretty quick read.   This would make for an enjoyable read aloud for seven to ten year old's.

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