Review Guidelines & Policy


All reviews are my opinion, outlining what I thought of the book, illustrations and in general how I think it fits the category of middle grade. 

I'm by no means a professional writer, but feel my experience comes from years and years of reading books and participating as a first and second round judge for the Cybils Book Awards. 

All my books for review are read from cover to cover before writing a review.  I feel alot goes into writing the book so my opinion should be about the whole book.  Rarely is there a book that I DNF, but if I do then I most likely won't write a review either.  

What Do I Review

I attempt to review everything I read. I depend mostly on the Public Library, personal purchasing and the occasional book giveaway contest that I win. 

I am happy to receive select review copies for my favorite genres of fiction, fantasy, fairy tale retellings, animal fantasy, quest stories, mystery, some graphic novels and the occasional early chapter book or picture book where the cover just grabs at me.   That's not to say that I am not interested in other books, but it's best to message me first just to make sure that it is something that I would be interested in reading.  

I will accept e-books but will be holding off on self-published books as my TBR has become too unwieldy and I want to give time to complete all of the books that I've downloaded from Edelweiss Plus and NetGalley.   If this changes I will update my guidelines. 

 I do also post my reviews to Goodreads, because I like to share the books, I'm reading with other avid readers in the Children's book group and the friends I have there. 

I prefer to read actual books, ARC's or finished copies.  Rest assured that I donate my books to the public library, or school after my reviews, unless my child happens to whisk them away for a read.  I will read a pdf if it is a book that I'm really excited about.  

I've recently started participating in blog tours and author interviews, again check with me to see if I'm available.

After Posting my Review

I post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads and occasionally on Amazon if it's a book that I purchased or feel like sharing.  

I donate all my books given to me for review purposes to the school or public library.  With only an occasional one that I keep if it's a part of a series or one that I absolutely love and can't part with.        

Rating System 

I only use a rating system with my Goodreads reviews but make every effort to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the books I read.  

Please send all questions/comments to:

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