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Grimwood by Nadia Shireen

Grimwood by Nadia Shireen
Publisher:  Andrews McMeel Publishing
Format:  E-book
Number of pages:  240
Publishing:   May 30th, 2023
Source:  Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Sibling fox cubs Ted and Nancy live in the Big City, fending for themselves after their parents disappeared.  Nancy is older and kind of bossy, but Ted loves her dearly.  Then one day, they have a run in with a pampered pet cat, Princess Buttons who refuses to share the scrumptious chicken dumpster they get their meals from with them.  To make matters worse Ted mistakes her tail for a hot dog and all mayhem ensues.  Soon Ted and Nancy are fleeing from their home and find themselves in Grimwood where everyone seems super nice.  Nancy is kind of skeptical about Grimwood, the residents seem kind of weird.  But Ted, whose been ever so lonely finds himself a new friend, Willow the bunny.    Just as they start to settle into their new home, Princess Buttons tracks them down, threatening to use the Brain Zapper 3000 on our two cubs.  With a little help from their new friends, Ted and Nancy develop a plan to bring Princess Buttons down.

Grimwood makes for an amusing read as long as you don't mind some silliness, animals doing bad things (two animals are decapitated and one has their tail severed) or animals being placed in dangerous situations (stuck in quicksand). The black and white illustrations are sprinkled throughout the story and will appeal to younger readers, and who doesn't enjoy a fluffy bunny character?  Even the thieving eagle, dramatic duck, badger driving a jeep and squirrels playing Treebonk make the story even that much more fun to read.  There's also Eric Dynamite, a woodlouse who interjects himself into the story from time to time.  Sometimes to add levity or comment on events.  Give this to a reader who enjoys stories with wacky animal characters, hijinks, and one who can tolerate the revenge plot, and danger.  

Let The Fur Fly Releases 9/23/23

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