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Adventure Kingdom: A Knight of the Realm By Steve Foxe, Pedro Rodríguez, Shadia Amin

Adventure Kingdom:  A Knight of the Realm by Steve Foxe, Pedro Rodriquez and Shadia Amin
Format:  E-ARC
Publisher:  Andrews McMeel Publishing
Number of pages:  160
Publishing:  April 25th, 2023
Source:  Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Opening Line "Step right up and get your tickets to Adventure Kingdom."  

A Knight of the Realm is the second graphic novel in the Adventure Kingdom series.  I had no difficulty in following the story, despite not having read the first book.  From what I can gather, the first book involves Clark and Karoline discovering an abandoned theme park that was once magical, they then use an enchanted coin and are transported to the magical land from which the theme park originated to rescue the park's creator, Karoline's granddad.  

Book two begins shortly after the events of the first graphic novel.  The park has been fully restored and everything seems back to normal, despite the magic wishing well being closed severing the link between the magical theme park and its magical land.  Then suddenly a knight appears through the magical wishing well searching for the one true hero.  It seems Clark not Karoline has been deemed a hero and his presence has been requested at the Forever-Ever Castle for a royal quest to stop Professor Porcus from selling his mind controlling snake oil to the citizens of Adventure Kingdom.  

Once at the castle, Clark and Karoline learn the details of their quest and figure out that the professor is none other than Hogswallop, the evil henchman of the Iron King (thought to be exiled after the first book).  Joined by a talking helm, Clark and Karoline begin their adventure in the Gym Jungle where they encounter a group of kids, whose parents are under the influence of the professor's snake oil, and who are trying to evade the Rawrs, feral stuffed animals bent on revenge.  Soon the group is adventuring to Backwash Beach, where they fend off Captain Nine Iron and his gang of Putt-Arrs, tracking the professor to the Carnival and finally locate the Sweet Suite factory, responsible for the production of the professor's snake oil.  With quick wit and the assistance of an unusual ally, their former foe, the Iron King himself, Clark and Karoline are finally able to bring the professor to justice. 

The Adventure Kingdom is another exciting graphic novel series from Epic! They're the publishers of such fun titles as Unicorn Island, Bright Family Vacation and Ninja Cat.  I think the setting of a magical amusement park will hold kid appeal.  I especially enjoyed the play on the locations, Backwash Beach and Sweet Suite.  There's enough tension with the baddy's, Putt-Arrs and the Organ Grinders to make things interesting and enough humor thrown in to hold your attention.  The messaging that sometimes adults make bad choices too was light and even the jealousy between friends was easily resolved by Clark making room for more than one hero.  I quite enjoyed the art panels by Pedro Rodriquez and the depiction of such fun and exciting settings, like the Midway, Carnival and even the Beach.  Overall, I can see this appealing to kids who enjoy Andrews McMeel Publishing's other Epic! stories and for fans of theme parks and knightly adventures.

**A huge thank you to the publisher for an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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  1. This sounds like a unique and fun book, and I'm intrigued both because of the environment and story, and also that it's graphic novel. I've discovered a weakness for them. Thanks for the recommendation, and have a great week!