Friday, April 14, 2023

An Accidental Pirate by Brooks Almy

An Accidental Pirate by Brooks Almy
Publisher:  Bold Story Press
Format:  E-ARC
Number of pages:  324
Published:   April 4th, 2023
Source:  Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Opening Lines:  "Fanny knew she shouldn't be scared."

According to the authors note An Accidental Pirate was inspired by a short paragraph about Fanny Campbell that was included in a collection of short stories about female pirates.  So, actor-turned-author, Brooks Almy set out to create an adventure for Fanny.

The story takes place during the 1700's in Rhode Island.  18-year-old Fanny lives and tends to her parent's (now deceased) farm, with the help of Nate and Sara, a formerly enslaved couple who her father helped to free.  Fanny grew up learning how to sail, hunt, fish, to ride horses, and how to fight with a sword.  Her father was originally from Scotland and moved to the U.S. with his brother because of the Jacobite uprising.  The nearest family are her Aunt Biddy and Maude who want Fanny to move into town to get married, but she hasn't found the right man and isn't willing to give up her independence just yet.  Then one day a handsome Englishmen, William Marston Lowell "Will" shows up on the farm.  He has been living in town while his ship is being repaired.    Fanny is instantly smitten by Will and the two begin courting.  Eventually they get married, and Will promises to relinquish his command and return to her in six months, but the months turn into years before word of Will's ship being captured and his imprisonment in a Cuba jail reaches her.  Concerned for Will's safety, Fanny disguises herself as a man and takes work aboard a merchant ship, only to have their ship captured by the Bloody Rose, a pirate crew.  Soon Fanny is joining onto the crew, while trying to make plans to rescue the love of her life.  

Overall, this was an exciting adventure.  The story headings alternate between Fanny, Will, and chronicle Fanny's parents, her found family of Nate and Sara, special events like the Magic Chestnut Tree, Best Christmas Ever, and even The Proposal leading up to the Wedding and Beyond.  You sort of feel the passage of time by the different events happening around Fanny.  Oh, the mentions of chestnut stuffing, with yams and corn with cream sounded yummy.    I enjoyed reading about her daily chores, getting to know her family and watching Fanny and Will's relationship bloom.  It reminded me of say Little House on the Prairie meets Emily New Moon, and Enola Holmes with a dash of Highlander.  Fanny is certainly a spirited, resourceful girl.  She's sassy, adventurous and a little naive.  Not afraid to box Will on the arm and tease him immensely.  I quickly got wrapped up into the story and enjoyed revealing in her adventures, braving storms at sea, battles between rival ships, explosions and the ultimate planning of Will's prison escape.  Just a downright fun tween to YA historical fiction, pirate romance.  I especially enjoyed learning about the "posting of the banns" (which is the public announcement of an impending marriage between two people in a Christian parish), reading about Smuggler's Cove, the Boston Tea Party and the Son's of Liberty.  As I said, lots of fun.  

**A huge thank you to Bold Story Press for the access to an E-ARC. **  


  1. Hi Brenda. I am so glad you enjoyed Fanny's story. It will continue for at least 3 more books. Thank you for your kind words. Brooks Almy:author

  2. My pleasure, and happy to hear that there will be more books to come!! All the best on its release.