Friday, February 26, 2016

Classic MG Read-along: No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

13622198No Flying in the House by Betty Brock
Format:  Paperback
Publisher: Harper Collins
Number of Pages: 144
First Published: January 1st 1970

Source:  Library

This month's  pick for the Classic Read along with the Midnight Garden Book Group on Goodreads was another new to me book, No Flying in the House by Betty Brock.   The book was first published in 1970, but seems to hold the test of time, I  quite enjoyed it.  In many ways it feels like a quiet story, not heavy on plot or messages, but draws on the desire of a  little girl to have a family and to belong.  Annabel is such a cute little girl and I was pretty fond of her three inches by three inches protector Gloria. One day, Gloria shows up on the terrace of Mrs. Vancourt's home and dazzles her with "three hundred and sixty-seven tricks."  In exchange for a home that offers "three meals a day, cozy fires, fresh flowers, birthday cakes, singing, and laughter,"  Mrs. Vancourt agrees to let Annabel and Gloria live with her, as long as Gloria agrees to continue to perform her tricks for Mrs. Vancourt's guests.  Annabel is a well behaved quite girl, who has never known her parents.  Their whereabouts are a closely guarded secret by Gloria.  Annabel has always been content with Gloria watching over her, but as she goes to school for the first time and makes friends with children who have parents, she gets quite sad.  She'd never questioned where her parents were before, that is not until a cat named Belinda appears and  hints that Annabel is actually half fairy.  Annabel also learns that soon she will have to make an impossible choice.  I really enjoyed reading No Flying in the House, the pencil illustrations by Wallace Tripp reminded me of the one's from Charlotte's Web, so gorgeous and detailed.  They just give the story a classic, warm and cozy feel to me.   Annabel is a darling little girl filled with curiosity and her and Gloria's friendship is quite sweet.  Who wouldn't like having a talking dog as a nursemaid/protector?  This would make a lovely read together or beginner chapter book for a six to eight year old child who enjoys stories with talking animals, or fairies.  

Have you ever read this before?  Or perhaps you have another classic book that you might like to suggest that I check out next.  


  1. I haven't read this one- but I have always wanted to fly. I hope I can find a copy and check it out. :)

    The cover made me think of a book I read growing up- The Girl with the Silver Eyes.

    1. I read The Girl With Silver Eyes in August of last year, Interesting scifi/paranormal book. I liked the cover with the apple floating in the air.