Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MG Review: Of Enemies and Endings by Shelby Bach

Published by: Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers on June 30th 2015
Genres: Middle Grade Fairy Tale Retelling/ Fantasy
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover
Source:  Purchased and ARC from Author in exchange for an honest review

How will this tale end?

The whole fairy-tale world is on high alert. The Snow Queen and her minions are targeting Characters, and Ever After School is the only safe refuge left. Rory knows a final confrontation is inevitable, and she worries about the safety of her family and friends–particularly Chase, who has been acting very strange lately.

Will Rory be able to count on Chase when she needs him most? Is she strong enough to put an end to the Snow Queen’s terrible reign once and for all? Only one this is certain: it’s time for Rory to find out if her tale ends in happily ever after.

I just finished listing all the series that I have yet to finish for my Top Ten Tuesday list, but now I get to list one that I have finished.  Of Enemies and Endings by Shelby Bach.  There are those series that I hold off on finishing until I'm ready for reading them, well cause I'm expecting an emotional roller-coaster, or  maybe I'm just saving it for a special treat for myself cause you know it is the last book.  There is something so final when you read the last book.   I mean yeah it has to end sometime, but it's also the kind you want to read with no interruptions, sipping some coffee and then delving into the final book of a series that ya just loved.  This was that book for me over the weekend.  

I'm gonna try to put down my thoughts, stay spoiler free and hopefully sound coherent at the same time.  First off I love that cover, it is by far my favorite of the entire series.  The expressions on the Snow Queen and Rory's face, Rory looks so determined while the Snow Queen looks so, well icy.  And the snowflakes, love how they sparkle.  It makes me cold just looking at it, but it is even more gorgeous and detailed in person.   And that title (chosen by Rachel, one of her readers), sets you up for what kind of story it's going to be.  The story has been building up to this point ever since Rory found out that the "fate of magic would fall into her hands."  And Bach really doesn't disappoint.  

The main characters are Rory, Lena and Chase, throughout the series they have been three of the best friends and one of the things that I have loved most about the series.  Each of them has grown and honed their skills as characters of their tale.  Together they have endured quite a bit.  However,  Of Enemies and Endings really tests their friendship, changing them even more and led to some of the biggest roller-coasters of emotions for me.  There were moments when I was questioning peoples motives and thought process, I mean come on Chase you promised Rory that you'd always come if she was in trouble.  But, I still had faith that there could really be only one outcome to the story, but  was still surprised by the path that got us there.  There was even one particular death that took me completely by surprise and was particularly difficult for me, good thing I also keep tissues near by whilst reading.  Of Enemies and Endings defiantly had some very sad moments, but an ending that really left me satisfied.  It's not all sad moments though, I don't want you thinking that this is going to end in a dark/sad way.   There were also some very funny moments that made me laugh right along with Rory (end of chapter eight), which was just perfect by the way. That's the thing about Bach's series, she knows just what her characters need and how things should happen and that particular scene was just perfect.  Well and all her characters, even down to Rory's parents and Amy are so well written. Who knew Amy had such non-magical skills when fighting off witches?  Well and the ending, that was a wonderful ending.   Oh and one can't forget the budding feelings that were developing in Of Sorcery and Snow, yeah there are plenty of those too.   Such sweet moments.  Overall, I'm sad the series is over, hopeful that Bach will find inspiration for another series of books, and thankful that I can always pick this book up and read all of them again!  


  1. I've always to read this series, and you're making me want to. If I have time, I might read it in audio.

    1. If you get a chance to hear it on audio let me know how it is, I'd love to get this for my kiddo if the narrator is good. Thanks for stopping by Natalie.

  2. I have always wanted to read this book; I might do it soon.

    1. It's a really fun series, hope you get the chance!

  3. Great review, Brenda. I know exactly how you feel about waiting for the right moment to finish a series. It can be hard, even if it's totally worth it.
    *sigh* I can't wait to re-read the whole series next summer. =)

    1. A re-read next summer sounds wonderful, I'll see if I can fit it in too.