Monday, March 18, 2013

The Cypher (Guardians Inc., #1)

The Cypher (Guardians Inc., #1)       I liked the two main characters in the story, Morgan and Thomas.  Their interactions seemed genuine.  I also enjoyed the idea of a library that houses all of the books ever written, even ones that don't exist in your local public library.  Throughout The Cypher there are references to movies, literature, and some history thrown in as well.  Some explain Thomas' history with his parents and some illustrate how the Guardians have been beneficial across time.  Julian Rosado-Machain's use of magic being real but held in check by technology was slightly difficult for me to follow.  I get that every 500 years the Oracle comes to write a book that can shift the balance but some other aspects were lost to me.  For instance, who are the other forces that are out there trying to either save or hurt Thomas' quest?  They are never really clear to me or what their purpose is.  I did enjoy the team that is put together to help Thomas, the Elven Queen, a Protector/martial artist, a butler named Bolswaithe who is an advanced human robot and Henri the Grotesque a Guardian gargoyle created of stone.  Each is unique and add some nice science fiction elements but I wish there were more details or some back story on them. Overall great concept of being able to read all the texts ever written, nice action scenes with some mystery thrown in as well.  Free ebook from Apple for IBooks.  
The story starts out really intriguing.  16 year old Thomas' parents mysteriously disappeared while on a vacation and since then he has been living with his seventy-two year old grandfather Morgan.  Although Morgan has been retired for a number of years, he feels that he should look for a job to provide for a future for Thomas.   While Thomas helps Morgan, he comes across a mysterious newspaper ad for a assistant librarian at Pervagus Mansion.  Thinking Morgan would be perfect for the job, Thomas encourages his grandfather to go to the interview.  However, Thomas learns that he is the one that they have been looking, for Thomas is a Cypher, or has the ability to read any text ever written.   Both Morgan and Thomas are offered a position with the company but is it all that it seems?

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  1. Ooh, this sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing about it.