Friday, March 15, 2013

Library Holds

The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders, #1)

JinxSo I had a bunch of holds at the library and low and behold they all came in at once.   My main problem now is, I really don't know which one to start first.  I know, tough problem right?  I just can't choose what mood I am in.  Is it the realistic humorous fiction, fantasy mythology or magical fantasy?   Do I pick alphabetically by author, title?  I could flip a coin if I had two books but with three that doesn't seem to work. 

O.k. Fellow bloggers any thoughts/recommendations?  

 Better Nate Than Ever


  1. The only one I read is The Colossus Rising. I really enjoyed it. I've been getting a lot of my books on hold at the library too. Have to squeeze them in between reading books for the blog.

    1. Well I did read the first two chapters already, off to continue. Libraries are great, I'm amazed at how quick they get all these books. Thanks for stopping by Natalie.