Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ghost Buddies: Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero (Ghost Buddy Series #1)

Billy Broccoli's mom remarried and now the whole family is moving into a new neighborhood.  All Billy wants to do is get onto the baseball team and make some new friends.  One night Billy's clothes begin to float in the closet and now he is sharing his room with a ninety-nine year old child ghost named Hoover "Hoove" Porterhouse.  Hoove has taken Billy on as his pet project because until he can impress the "higher ups" by getting passing marks on haunting, invisibility and helping others, Hoove can't leave the boundaries of his families house.  Hoove makes it his mission to help Billy get on the baseball team and win over some friends.  Only problem is the school bully Rod has it out for Billy and Hoove's plan to deal with him may be more then Billy bargained for.   

 I was one of those kids who grew up watching Happy Days with their parents.  Even now, I still enjoy watching it for the humor and what some would say was an ideal family life.  So, one can see why I choose to read this particular book from Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver. (Who maybe are more known for their Hank  Zipzer series).  I really enjoyed this first book there are some nice contrasts between a boy who is less confident, a little clumsy and a more rambunctious ghost boy.  The language is on target for this younger grade level and a story that while slower in some parts has some very nice messages about doing the right thing, how to handle a bully and overcoming ones fears.  Probably geared for second graders or the struggling reader.  My copy was from the library.

Favorite quote: "
Mornings are for roosters, he said. "And I do not cock-a-doodle-do."


  1. Awwww I love it. I haven't tried his work yet. Great post!

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw. :)

    You have the start of a great blog here! The world needs more Middle Grade reviewers.

    1. Aww, thanks so much. I really wanted to check out his work, I was a huge Happy Days fan after all. It is a ute start to a series.