Sunday, December 23, 2012

Werewolf-head pj's and Frankenstein monster slippers

 Gustav Gloom and the People Taker (Gustav Gloom, #1)

 summary from Goodreads:
Enter an exciting new world of shadows from Hugo Award nominee Adam-Troy Castro. Meet Gustav Gloom. 

Fernie What finds herself lost in the Gloom mansion after her cat appears to have been chased there by its own shadow. Fernie discovers a library full of every book that was never written, a gallery of statues that are just plain awkward, and finds herself at dinner watching her own shadow take part in the feast! 

Along the way Fernie is chased by the People Taker who is determined to take her to the Shadow Country. It's up to Fernie and Gustav to stop the People Taker before he takes Fernie's family. 

Featuring a unique cover and beautifully dark full-page illustrations by Kristen Margiotta, Gustav Gloom is sure to be a hit with fans who love a little darkness in their lives.

This is a wonderful creepy book and I love love Fernie.  With her red hair pulled up wearing green Werewolf pajamas and Frankenstein monster slippers, she is just so adorable.  I even love Gustav who is sad, wears a black suit with a black tie and looks like he should be at a funeral.  You just want to hug him really tight.  I can see why Fernie and Gustav are drawn to each other.  Even Gloom Mansion with its mysterious shapes that arise from the floor or through walls and many rooms and hallways gives this book a very haunted feel.  I think there is something so creepy about the shadows and the way that they can move around and interact with the characters and the library of shadow books of ideas and books that never were written.  But the People Taker, who goes out each night hunting for people that he can" take", and his Beast who helps.  Man are they just down right evil.  When he starts talking in his reptilian tones, I get the shivers down my spine.  Overall, a wonderful story with beautiful black and white illustrations by Kristen Margiotta.  My copy is the hardcover, which on my copy has a little cutout (where Gustav is standing in the image above) and you see his shadow.  So, when you turn the page you see the image above.    I'm very happy to hear that there are more books planned in this series (looks like 4)  which I will definantly be looking for.  5/5 Book for me.  

 Just for the record, copy of the book provided by Penguin publishing and won at Charlotteslibrary.blogspot.  A big thank you to both.  

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