Saturday, December 29, 2012

Undead Ed

Undead Ed    
Summary from Goodreads:
 When Ed Bagley wakes up in a yucky sewer--and discovers he's a zombie--things can't get any weirder! That is, until his evil arm scurries off his shoulder and into the town of Mortlake to cause all sorts of trouble.  

Un-armed and dangerous, Ed teams up with his werewolf buddy Max Moon to track down his rogue limb and save Mortlake from the evil at the center of it all.

This formerly unlucky kid is out to prove he really is all guts! But when he's faced with gross ghouls, wormy wraiths, freaky fat babies, and some seriously sinister clowns, will Ed and his undead friends have enough skin on their bones to save the day? Or will this arm-y prove too tough to hand-le?

This is one of those books that I had a hard time getting into, I admittedly haven't read many zombie books, but there is something about a boys detached arm attacking him that well I didn't seem to get into.  Coupled with body parts that decay and fall off and the descriptions of rotting parts, again do we see why this one didn't grab me?  Or maybe it's just the times that Ed is hit by lightening or electrocuted or just hit by a truck, I don't know it's a hard sell for me.  (To be fair, my child enjoyed the cover of this one way more than I did.)  I think that any child who enjoys zombie type books with cartoon drawings will probably like the book.  I much preferred The Zombie Chasers and Zombiekins, less rot and decay for me.  Overall it was an ok book.  2/5 for me.   

Just for the record, copy of the book provided by Penguin publishing and won at Charlotteslibrary.blogspot. A big thank you to both

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