Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Little Bad Book #3 Your Time Has Come! by Magnus Myst illustrations by Thomas Hussung

The Little Bad Book #3 Your Time Has Come! by Magnus Myst with illustrations by Thomas Hussung
Publisher:  Delacorte Press
Format:  E-book
Number of pages:  176 pages
Publishing:   June 6th, 2023 
Source:  Nicole Banholzer PR 

The Little Bad Book series was first published in Germany under the title Das Kleine Böse Buch and has been translated into English by Marshall Yarbrough.  The story opens with a request for a reader with some guts.  "And who is brave and clever and cunning and also, ideally, super-delicious." The narrator professes that the story could be dangerous and spooky but if you're the right kind of reader this just might be the book for you.   The Little Bad Book then tells the story of exploring the crypt of a castle and finding an ancient book that holds the secret to time travel.  He offers to take you across time to explore various historical events and maybe have some fun by changing things up a bit.  The only thing is you'll have to prove your up to the task by completing some challenges.  This is an interactive reading adventure.  Not your typical choose your own adventure type of experience where the reader makes various choices that determine the plot's outcome.  Instead, there are puzzles to solve and the story jumps around based on the answers you get.  The narrator offers up suggestions for an Emergency Time Travelling Kit and cautions that going on this kind of adventure can even lead to getting swallowed up into a time vortex.  Which all sounds pretty exciting.  

What really makes this kind of book so much fun are the full color illustrations by Thomas Hussung.  They're bright pinks and blues, dark pages alluding to danger and even dinosaurs.  Well, it is a time travel of sorts.  I enjoyed how interactive it is with all the word and cog puzzles, line number and chronometer readings, that when solved leads you either forward or back in the book.  Each next step adding to the excitement.  If you make a mistake in your answers you might end up meeting the Time Police, but the narrator will help you out by having you figure out what the secret ingredient in cola is to get you back on track.  Overall, an entertaining book.  My only pause is that I found this slightly difficult to follow as an ebook but I'm sure the flipping to various pages would be much easier in a physical copy.    **A huge thank you to Cate Turner for the digital review copy**

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