Wednesday, June 19, 2019

MG Fantasy Adventure review of Aleks Mickelsen and the Eighth Fox Throne War by Keira Gillett, illustrated by Keira Gillett and Eoghan Kerrigan

42244224Aleks Mickelsen and the Eighth Fox War by Keira Gillett, illustrated by Keira Gillett and Eoghan Kerrigan
Format:  Ebook
Publisher: Keira Gillett
Number of Pages: 350
Published  May 24th, 2019
Source:  Author in exchange for an honest review

Opening Line:  "Ah!" shrieked a startled Christoffer, stumbling backwards from the passage, his black hair falling into brown eyes."   

Aleks Mickelsen and the Eighth Fox War begins with Aleks and his friends within the Thief of Peace's Passage, an underground corridor that separates the Dwarf Kingdom from the Fey's realm.  It's here that they come face to face with Fritjof, the dragon of chaos.   Fritjof had up until this point masked his reappearance by erasing his very existence from everyone's memory, that is everyone except Aleks sister Nori.  Nori is the one that warned Aleks and his friends of the danger that Fritjof imposes for everyone and together they'd been trying to find a way to defeat him.  Thinking he had Fritjof cornered in the passage, Aleks prepared his bow and took aim, only to discover he'd missed his target and instead inadvertently injured a dwarf who was hiding.  Aleks tries to quickly explain his error, that he was aiming for the dragon, but only infuriates the dwarf because she like most everyone else does not believe Fritjof really exists.  Despite Aleks best efforts in pleading with her that he never intended to fire upon her, the dwarf sounds the alarm and races away yelling that they're under attack.  Aleks and his friends are left with no other choice but to flee.  Fritjof vanishes, gleeful that he has most likely started a war and is one step closer to his freedom.  Will Aleks and his friends prevent a war between the dwarfs and fey?  How will he convince the two sides that Fritjof presents a real danger to them when they've never heard of him and certainly have never even seen him?  And what awaits Aleks when he returns to the fey realm, a place where changelings such as himself are killed on sight? 

The prologue gets the reader up to speed with the past books in the current story arc, while jumping into the action and adventuring right away.  Although there is plenty of background information given on the current plot and characters, I would recommend starting with the first book in this series,  Aleks Mickelsen and the Twice-Lost Fairy Well.  Reading Keira's latest book is always a delight,  to once again return to characters and a story that I've become so vested in.  Things are certainly heating up for Aleks and his friends, what with Fritjof stirring up his chaos.  At the end of the last book, I was quite concerned about Aleks and his friends future, especially after that cliffhanger ending.  I've especially grown a fondness for Aleks.  He's faced many challenges with being a changeling and then to have had difficulty with his navigational skills.  He's still facing the difficult choice of whether he wants to be fey or human, and whether returning to Neiffleheim is in his best interests.  The Eighth Fox War really answered many of my lingering questions about what kind of ruler he would be, how he would bring the fey together and whether or not he would be coronated as their king.  I did also find it enjoyable watching the political intrigue going on among the fey to try to steal the crown for themselves, and was quite happy with the way things were resolved.   One of my favorite parts was the continued romance that is blossoming between Aleks and Saskia,  and the way Aleks bargained with her father to gain his support and alliance.  Quite humorous.

As in her previous books, there are beautiful black and white illustrations by Eoghan Kerrigan, but this time Keira has also created some of the illustrations that begin each chapter heading.  My absolute favorite is the Raven Design she created for chapter seven.  Just gorgeous.  And who could forget Airi the white raven and all of Aleks friends?  The way that each story builds on their friendship with one another and how they always are there for one another, adventuring through the countryside or rushing in to save each other from whatever gripping danger they may encounter next.  Can't wait to see what Keira comes up with next.      


  1. Glad you enjoyed this so much. And good to know that I should start with the first book in the series.

  2. Great review! So glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much. It's always nice to have "go to" authors whose books we just adore. Thanks for sharing.