Monday, September 11, 2017

MG Fantasy/Adventure: Jorie and the River of Fire by A.H. Richardson

Jorie and the River of Fire by A.H. Richardson
Publisher: Serano Press
Format:  Paperback
Number of Pages: 286
Published:  August 1st, 2017
SourceIn exchange for an honest review, a review copy was received from the author.
Why I wanted to read this:   Continuation of Jorie and Rufus' adventures.  

Opening Line:  "Manoona, The Pale White Lady, stood alone high atop the tall green mountain which overlooked the blue sparkling waters of the Panaia River, extending her arms in front of her and closing her eyes. " 

In book two of the series, the evil Lord Fodomalk took possession of the three magical stones plotting to use their power to unite Cabrnthius and Shyloxia under his rule.  Jorie and Rufus, with newcomer Nigel, returned to Cabrynthius, despite their initial reservations about bringing Nigel along.  Shortly after arriving in Cabrnthius,  Nigel was kidnapped by Lord Fodomalk, who tried to extract information on Jorie's plans.  Things escalated into a rescue and retrieval mission of the magical stones from Shyloxia. 

 In the third installment of the series, nearly a year has passed since our two friends have been together.  Jorie has been traveling in France with her Aunt Lettitia, while the Colonel and Rufus were abroad in Germany.  Upon their return to Mortimor Manor, Jorie and her Aunt receive an invitation to visit the Colonel's home for tea, while Jorie also has word from Snowka (Manoona in her cat form) that the Great Wizard from Cabrynthius has disappeared, Chook is missing, potentially both having been captured by Lord Fodomalk. Once Jorie and Rufus reunite, they once again venture into the Tarn and are whisked to Cabrynthius where they make plans to find the Great Wizard.   They soon learn that he is being held in a prison set high into a mountain in the land of Shyloxia.   It will take wit, bravery and the power of the three magical Stones if they hope to succeed in rescuing their friends.  

 Jorie and Rufus have now turned thirteen and I've become fond of these two characters because of their strong bond and friendship that rings through every page.  I enjoy how their relationship is developing into signs of a deeper affection, purely middle-grade mind you with a kiss shared on the cheek, but sweet nonetheless.  They deeply care and worry about one another, while bravely trying to rescue their friends despite facing all these new dangers.  The Great Wizard for one is being held in a prison cell set in a harsh volcano riddled land with the only access an impassable, terrifying River of Fire.  The prison is also in a part of Shyloxia where the air quality is so poor making it nearly impossible for the Great Wizard to breathe, causing him to weaken the longer that he stays.  They're also deeply concerned because of their dragon friend,  Chook being missing.  The duo also need to avoid being detected by Lord Fodomalk's patrolling poisonous butterflies or risk being captured or seriously hurt themselves.  Definitely more obstacles than in previous books, but the pacing and action made for an exciting read.  Plus all those budding romantic feelings between our two main characters and even stern Aunt Lettitia and Colonel Hercules, make this my new favorite in the series.   Can't wait to see where future adventures for Jorie and Rufus lead us.  

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  1. Sounds like a great read. I love the cover! Looks very magical. Thanks for sharing. :)