Thursday, October 27, 2016

MG Review: Disenchanted The Trials of Cinderella (Tyme #2) by Megan Morrison

27237703Disenchanted The Trials of Cinderella (Tyme #2)  by Megan Morrison
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Number of Pages:  416
Published:  October 11th, 2016

Source:  Library

Disenchanted is the second book in the Tyme series, the first being Grounded which was Rapunzel's tale. Each of Morrison's stories takes place in one of the cities in the world of Tyme.  In this case, we are in the Blue Kingdom and city of Quintessential, were King Clement Charming rules.  While there appears to be some overlap in the characters between book one and two in the series,  Disenchanted is Ella Coach, aka Cinderella, Dash Charming and a fairy godfather named Serge's tale.  The story is told from each of their alternating perspectives, and it didn't appear to me like you needed to have read the books in order to follow the story.   

Ella is preparing to return to Coterie Prep (C-Prep) for the return of Dash Charming.  I huge party is planned to welcome his return now that the curse on him has been broken.  Dash is pretty excited about being able to have control over what he says to people again and he really wants to improve the reputation of the Charming's.  Dash's first plan is to help his mother escape the kingdom while everyone is busy at his party, but someone also pulls a prank on Ella causing her bag to catch on fire.  Ella flees the school trying to catch the nearest coach back to her home in Eel Grass.  It's here that Ella encounters the Queen, who at first she thinks is one of the royal staff because of her disguise, but later puts two and two together when the Queen gives her an expensive piece of jewelry and news of her being missing surfaces.    When Ella is forced to return to C-Prep, she makes an effort to  return Dash's mother's ring and the two begin to talk and find they have more in common than their families wealth.  When they are then paired up for a project to design a business in their marketing class, they also unveil some shady deals and labor practices within the Garment District, they know that they have to work together to set things right.   Along the way,  Ella and Dash receive help from Serge, a godfather at the infamous Glass Slipper, where every fairies goal is the make mortal wishes come true.   For the longest time, Serge was the executive fairy for the rich and famous of Quintessential, next in line to take over the Glass Slipper, but lately, he's beginning to wonder if it's really the kind of work that he should be doing.  

 In Disenchanted, Dash is focused on protecting his mother and keeping her location hidden from his father.  Which causes a lot of friction between  he and King Clement.  The King  puts lots of demands on Dash throughout the story to try and pressure him to reveal her whereabouts, like throwing him lavish parties where he has to socialize and betrothing him to a spoiled rich girl.  But, Dash never gives in. Ella is  focused on her stepmother, and how she is responsible for the destruction of her family cottage and it being replaced by a Practical Elegance shop. This doesn't really follow the traditional evil stepmother/stepsister story, but Ella has a lot of hurt feelings about not being included in the planning.  Well, even Serge isn't your typical fairy godfather either, but I really liked the changes that Morrison made.  What I wasn't expecting in this fairy tale was the emphasis on child labor, fair trade practices, sick leave and workers rights, and while I wasn't expecting it, it was very interesting  and illustrated the corruption that was happening in the cities Garment District.  Overall a very enjoyable twist on the Cinderella fairytale.   

*Disenchanted The Trials of Cinderella  has been nominated for the Cybils award and my review reflects my personal opinion, not the opinion of the Cybils committee.*


  1. I love a good fairy twist- so I am definitely curious about this one. Cute cover too! Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love the covers of these books as well. Grounded: The Adventure of Rapunzel has a very fun twist too.