Monday, May 20, 2013

Poison by Bridget Zinn


Sixteen year old Kyra, is one of a Trio of Master Potioners who specialize in poisonous weaponry.  Kyra's skills also include mixing sleeping potions, truth serums, cloaking potions and in rare cases lethal poisons. Her old partners include Hal, Ned and Ellie the Hermit.  Poison begins with Kyra trying to break into the master trio potioners lodging.  She plans to steal a very dangerous poison called Peccant Pentothal, when she is suddenly interrupted by Hal and Ned and must flee their capture.  While dodging out of what used to be her home, Kyra notes that here is where she "made a name for herself, fell in love with the wrong man, and betrayed everyone she knew when she tried to murder the princess. "  What makes this even more difficult Kyra and Princess Arianna are the best of friends.  Yet, Kyra has determined that the Princess must die or the rest of the kingdom will come to ruins.  The only problem is Kyra has to find her first.  After stealing this lethal poison, Kyra is on the run from the king's men and also her previous housemates (Hal and Ned).  Running out of options, Kyra seeks out the criminal Arlo who gives her a Katzenheim pig and says that the pig will help her find Princess Ariana.  This pig is no ordinary pig, she has the ability to track anyone if an article of clothing belonging to the person your trying to find is placed into the special sniffing basket hanging around the pigs neck.  Kyra then sets off on a quest to track down the Princess.   Kyra encounters Fred, a handsome stranger traveling with his wolf/dog, while crossing a river.  When her pig and weapons unexpectedly get swept away with the current, Fred is there to rescue her.  What ensues is a lovely story filled with action and yes some sweet light bantering between Fred and Kyra. 

There is just something so appealing about this cover to me, be it the blueish lettering of Poison, or maybe it's Rosie peaking out from the ferns.  My only hesitation is that Kyra doesn't look sixteen to me in this photo.  Ahh, but I still can fore go all of that because Kyra is a strong, determined, funny and very loving and loyal. I loved the bantering that goes on between Fred and Kyra.  It's adorable and sweet with just some light hints of romance.    Author Jacqueline West (books of Elsewhere Series) says in her review that Poison is "delightful and funny and adventure-filled and romantic, and it made me think again and again of the Princess Bride."  I would have to agree, it really is all of those things.  Especially the tie in to the Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies too.  My review copy was purchased. 

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this. It's definitely on my list of books to read, hopefully this summer. I'm glad my library got it in. Looking forward to what you think about Rump.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book it is such a fun, lighthearted romantic story. I was so saddened to hear of the authors passing, I truly believe she would have gone on to write many more stories.