Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault by Adam-Troy Castro

 Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault (Gustav Gloom, #2)

Adam-Troy Castro's first installment in this series was Gustav Gloom and the People Takers.   I loved the first story.  It was creepy, full of mystery and featured a really evil bad guy (Lord Obsidian) who makes your hair prickle and brings shivers down your spine.  I also enjoyed reading about the Gloom Mansion and our poor sad Gustav all dressed in black.  Oh and did I mention the beautiful illustrations by Kristen Margiotta? 

 It seemed logical that I should follow it up with the second in the series Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault.   Fernie and Gustav are once again in danger.  Lord Obsidian has released his Shadow Eater to track down and find the Nightmare Vault.  What's inside the vault, Gustav and Fernie don't really know, but they know that it is sure to house something terrible and if Lord Obsidian  is after it then it is really bad.  Adam Troy Castro expands in book two on Gustav's parents and how Gustav came to live in a home filled with shadows.  As Fernie and Gustav race through the house more and more of what is behind all of those secret doors and passageways is revealed.  Yet, there is still so much more to learn about Gustav Gloom Mansion.  I wish the author was able to expand a little more about Gustav's curse and his family.  I also really enjoyed the moments when Fernie and Gustav stopped their running and plotted the next move it is after all the appeal of this book for me, Gustav and his relationship with Fernie.  Even though the house is dark and creepy, Fernie knows that Gustav will help her and she brings some normalcy to Gustav's life.  Again, I can't say enough about the wonderfully detailed black and white illustrations by Kristen Margiotta.  The cover is also beautiful and I'm happy to see that they continued the cut out on the cover.  You can't see it in the design above, but imagine a black panel with window like panes covering up the house and sunshine.  Looks like I'll have to wait til August for book 3 but again a wonderful creepy book.  I purchased my copy for review.  

Next up is    Poison by Bridget Zinn


  1. You are a blessing to the author by purchasing the copy and reviewing. I wonder what middle grade books are? I Thi look like a type of fantasy read.

    1. Middle grade books range in age from 8-12 and cover a wide range of topics/themes. Gustav Gloom is more of a darker book but not to scary and has a happy ending thus far.