Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Spotlight on Hangabout: Far from Home by Ree Augustine

Hangabout Far From Home by Ree Augustine
Publisher:  Orange Blossom Publishing
Format: Paperback 
Number of pages: 206 pages
Published:   August 29th, 2023
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                             About the Book:

Hangabout, a puppy who has just grown into his long teardrop ears, believes.

​He believes everything is good.
He believes what people tell him.
He believes his keeper loves him.

But when he is thrown into the outside world, Hangabout collides with a gang of hungry rats, a wily fox, a farmer with a BB gun, a kidnapper, and a lie. Everything he knows crumbles. Then, when Hangabout learns the truth about his keeper, he stops believing in anything.

If Hangabout does not renew his belief that there is good in the world, he will lose the two things he loves most: the keeper he longs for and his only friend—a fact-citing, street-wise cat—named Bean.

A story of homelessness, a friendship tried, and growing into oneself unfolds in this timeless journey.

                    About the Author

At the end of a good book,
A reader is left with a gift.
A story wrapped in a bow,
That lives in the reader's heart forever.

Some of Ree's earliest memories are with a book in her hand, and today, she still loves to read stories of all kinds, from children’s poetry to adult suspense novels. Before her love of reading turned into a love of writing, she took many turns in her life, some of which were an accountant, a retail clerk, and a volunteer worker for abused women. When she and her husband started their family, she became a stay-at-home mom to two boys. It was then, in a few solitary moments, she put a pencil in her hand and discovered a love of writing. Now, she spends her mornings in Eastern PA creating stories of her own with her writing partner by her side, a sleepy greyhound. Quiet things inspire her: a word, a child’s desire, a tug in her heart. Afternoons and evenings are for family, friends, and lots of daydreaming.

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