Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters
Format:  E-ARC from Netgalley 
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Number of pages:  256
Publishing:  January 18th, 2022
Source:  Grace Fell from SparkPress 

Opening Lines: "Hello. My name is Logan Foster.  I do not know your name, but if you are reading this, it means I am your big brother.  That is a fact."

Ever since Logan was found wandering an empty airport jetway, his life has revolved between potential foster homes and the El Segundo Transitional Orphanage. Logan hasn't had a successful match yet, mostly because his perspective parents don't understand his eidetic memory, Developmental Coordination Disorder or haven't had any experience with a neurodiverse child.  However, things appear to be looking up when Gil and Margie arrive hoping to be Logan's latest perspective parents (PP).  Logan initially has misgivings about why they want to foster him, but his curiosity about the couple wins him over.  The more time they spend together, the more questions Logan begins to have.  Like why doesn't Gil ever have a meal with them?  And why do they both seem to disappear in the middle of the night without an explanation?  Then just as Gil and Margie are about to have a heart-to-heart talk with him, everything changes, Logan finds out their secret identity and that they work for a secret organization called MASC (Multinational Authority for Superhuman Control), and that they all are being targeted by a supervillain, Necros, who has been behind the devastating earthquakes in Los Angeles.  

One of the things that I loved about The Unforgettable Logan Foster was Logan's voice.  I enjoyed the way he internalizes dialogue and then just says what he's feeling.  There's lots of humor and a sensitivity in that voice.  I also enjoyed the way he made lists to organize information and his love for stating the facts.  Not to mention his incredible memory for details.  When Logan was found on the jetway, the only two pieces of information available were a note attached to his shirt with "L. Foster" and that the t-shirt he was wearing said, "World's Best Big Brother."  It's because of these two facts that he is confident that he has a sibling somewhere out there.  The whole story is written as a letter to his unknown sibling with each chapter timestamped with the date.  Logan tries to highlight the events that his sibling missed out on, while also expressing everything that he is doing to try and find them.  Another thing I truly enjoyed was Logan's tenacity and how he utilizes his innate talents to overcome the obstacles thrown at him by Necros.  Logan is truly a remarkable main character, unforgettable and one I can see children rooting for.  I found myself excited for his newfound family and the potential of learning more about Logan's birth parents and possible sibling in any future book.
**A huge thank you to Madison and Grace Fell from SparkPress for the E- ARC in exchange for a review**           


  1. Thank you so much for kind review and your love of Logan. I hope readers will feel the same!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check out my review and commenting. Much success to you, Brenda