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MG Humor review of The Terrible Two's Last Laugh by Mac Barnett and Jory John, illustrations by Kevin Cornell,

38656996. sx318 The Terrible Two's Last Laugh by Mac Barnett and Jory John, illustrations by Kevin Cornell
Format:  Ebook
Publisher:  Amulet Books
Number of Pages:  226
Published:  December 24th, 2018
Source:  Library

Opening Line: "For the last time:  Welcome to Yawnee Valley." 

Yawnee Valley is home to the notorious pranking duo of Miles and Niles.  Pranksters who are about to enter their final year of school.  Across the series thus far this duo has played some incredible pranks.  Of course, they were much easier when they performed them anonymously, but now that they've been found out things have become a bit more complicated.  Yet, this is a momentous year for Miles and Niles, not only are they set to graduate, but they also want to perform one of the most legendary pranks ever and really leave their mark at school. 

On their first day back at school,  Principal Barkin calls Miles and Niles to his office.  At first, the duo thinks they're in trouble, but Principal Barkin instead tells them that he wants to make their duo into a trio, he's learned the joy of pulling a well-planned prank and feels that their teaming up can only improve his skills.  However, when Harriet Nervig, the Superintendent of schools unexpectedly passes away and former-Principal Barkin, AKA Principal Barkin's father takes over and becomes his boss, all of their plans suddenly come to a halt.  Yet, Niles is determined that the boys will leave their legacy behind even if the acting Superintendent wants to get his own revenge on the two. 

 I've quite enjoyed reading The Terrible Two series.  Sure some of their pranks have been over the top, but they're lighthearted and always seem to induce a giggle from me.  They have such a wonderful imagination and are so clever and it's been fun watching how their friendship has evolved.  I also particularly enjoyed Principal Barkin in this one.  His desire to become a part of the team, even wanting to hold the boys back from graduating just so that they could continue to pull some pranks together.  I also loved how he was reminiscing with the boys about the very first prank that they pulled on him in the first book of the series.  

In a lot of ways, it appeared as if Mac Barnett and Jory John were saying their own goodbyes to one another.  In the same way that Miles and Niles needed to after the received some sad news from acting Superintendent Barkin.  There were far fewer pranks than in the first three books of the series, but truthfully I was okay with that.  The Terrible Two's Last Laugh felt like it was more about their friendship, a heartfelt touching moment to be shared between the two.  Their planning for a final prank to commemorate their time together.  Which was actually really sweet.  

As always, I adored the illustrations by Kevin Cornell.   Especially the ones of the boys and the green cow with purple spots, with the illustration being in black and white I'm going to have to picture that green color on my own.  I just love the way Cornell captures their friendship.  While I'm sad the series has ended, I hope that we'll see more from these authors in the future.  I highly recommend you give this series a chance if you haven't yet read it.                 

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