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Picture Book Review: Wild Wild Weasel by Salvo Lavis, James Munn, Illustrated by Dave Leonard

WILD WILD WEASEL cover 1000wWild Wild Weasel by Salvo Lavis,  James Munn, Illustrated by Dave Leonard
Format:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Spitball Studio
Number of Pages:  32
Publishing:  June 15th, 2018
Themes:  Animals and Making Friends 
Source:  Rebecca Grose from SoCal Public Relations and the Authors in exchange for an honest review.   

Wild Wild Weasel is the second book in the World Of The Weasel series about the grand adventures of a young boy and his pet weasel.  In this newest book, the young boy's parents have imposed some new rules for the boy and his pet, mostly because they see the weasel as a wild animal.  No longer can the boy take the pet out of his cage and outside of his room, and he must only play with him once his homework is finished, which makes the young boy very sad.  He misses his friend very much.   

When the boy receives an assignment at school to write about something he learned from a book, he's given the perfect opportunity to research training weasels and show his parents that his weasel is talented, smart and can be trained.   Yet,  finding a book at the library on the subject is much harder than he thought, so the next step is to take his pet to obedience school.  At the Do It Youself Pet Training School, the young boy meets other children with their pet pigs, dogs, lizards and even a snake, all hoping to train their pet to sit, roll over and stay.  Three tasks that once completed will earn their pet's graduation diploma.  While training his pet, the boy envisions the talents his pet weasel has, even imagining they will graduate at the top of their class, but things don't quite go as he expected.  Once again the boy is sad and dejected until he meets a young girl and her pet lizard who comfort him by telling him that they like the boy and his weasel just as they are.  No longer sad, the boy is motivated to write his paper about how wonderful his weasel is.    

I don't normally review picture books for my blog, but every once in awhile a book comes along that is just too adorable to pass up.  Plus, I have such a soft spot for animals.   Wild Wild Weasel is a super cute new picture book series by Salvo Lavis and James Munn about a boy and his pet weasel.  Elementary children will love the full-page illustrations by Dave Leonard, the gorgeous colors that seem to make each page pop, the inclusion of diverse characters and the fantastic illustrations of weasel. (For a sample of book one in the series, check out the video below.)  I loved how the illustrations highlight the imaginative and silly talents and things that the boy thought he could train his pet weasel to do.   Things like having the weasel deep sea diving and then as an artist painting the boy's picture.  Quite humorous and fun.  The illustrations also really captured the boy's facial expressions well, the sadness of being without his friend and delightful things they do together.  Wild Wild Weasel includes wonderful themes and vocabulary words that would make for a fun read aloud, while at the same time children will learn that not all animals are meant to be obedient or trained.      

*Thank you to Rebecca Grose from SoCal Public Relations and the authors for the review copy of the book which will be donated to my public library* 

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  1. I enjoy a good picture book. This is one I haven't heard of before. Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing. :)