Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Category Description and A Few Possible Suggestions for Elem/MG Spec. Fiction Nominations for Cybils

Fall is in the air, well at least it feels like it today with our temperature being 30 degrees, brrr.  Fall's also one of my favorite time's of the year because it means that Cybils book nominations opened last week and I love seeing all the books that get nominated.   I hope you'll consider nominating your favorites in children and YA published in the U.S. or Canada between October 15, 2016, to October 15th, 2017 (one book nomination per Category per person).  Nominations will only stay open until October 15th, so don't delay.     

 There are lots of different categories to choose from and you can get more information here.  I'd especially love to see more nominations in the elementary/mg speculative fiction category!   And here's the category description from Charlotte Taylor:

"This past year has seen another excellent crop of wonderfully inventive speculative fiction books for kids! Along with the expected spells and space rockets and aliens, this is the category for books with talking animals, time-travel, ghosts, and paranormal abilities, and all the other books that might not have obvious magic on every page, and which are set here on Earth, but which push past the boundaries of daily life into what is almost certainly impossible.

The two main criteria of the Cybils are excellent writing and kid appeal, and these come first and foremost when we assemble our shortlist. These books will be ones whose creativity, world-building, and characters fly off the rapidly turning pages and into our hearts and minds.
This category is for both Elementary and Middle-Grade books; that is, books written for eight- to twelve-year-olds. Some will be just a small step up from easy chapter books, perfect for the younger end, and others will fall into the “tween” category of books perfect for middle school kids not yet interested in full-blown YA books."
Might a suggest a possible few? Or twenty, okay twenty, but I have to stop there.  Some I've read and others I would like to read.  I hope I'm right on them all being in the correct nominations range, and I'm sure I've missed a bunch published after October 15th, 2016 but I still hope you'll nominate your favorites!   

Middle-Grade Spec. Fiction




  1. Sorry that I haven't been reading MG lately. Lots of good books on your list. I'm really curious about Stephanie Burgis' new book.

    1. Me too, I've seen a few reviews for it and they're always positive. There's so many on here that I still want to read.

  2. I can't believe Dragon with a Chocolate Heart hasn't been nominated. I have an ARC sitting here that I want to read, but haven't yet.

    I also have book two of the Little Bigfoot series. It would also make a good nomination, I think.

    1. Looks like Heidi agreed with you about Dragon with Chocolate Heart and nominated it. I’d like to read it also.

  3. What a great list! Some of these are on my TBR list- but I haven't read any of them yet. I hope to get to some of these soon! The whole Land of Stories series sounds good to me. :)