Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twofer Thursday


From authors  Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams of the Goddess Girls series, comes Heroes in Training.   Greek mythology seems to still be very popular and the Goddess Girls series (also by these authors)  as well as Rick Riordan's  Percy Jackson series, seem to provide that nice introduction to mythology for children.   In Heroes in Training, Oracle Pythia has prophesied that a "band of rightful rulers called Olympians will arise.  Though their size and youth are no match for the Titans, they will be giant in heart, mind and spirit."  One of the strengths and appeal of this book was the humor.  Especially, when Zeus gets kidnapped by three half-giants and is wearing one of their helmets like a walking jail cell.  Being shorter in length then Goddess Girls,  I think this would make a great read for a reluctant reader because of its fast pace and black and white illustrations, as well as nice spins on the God's stories.  


I really enjoyed Tuesdays at the Castle.  I absolutely loved reading about a Castle that had a mind of it's own and who chooses the King.  Princess Celie showed such love and devotion to her Castle mapping out each of its rooms and when the Castle needed protecting, Celie and her siblings were there.  Now in Wednesdays in the Tower, Princess Celie is faced with a new challenge, that of a giant orange egg hidden in one of the towers.  Celie soon learns that the Castle has brought her the egg to take care of and also wants her to learn the history of Castle Glower.   As in the first book, Celie's siblings play a large role but this time in unraveling the history of the Castle.  For when the egg hatches and the Castle begins to provide clues as to what is inside, everyone will need to pull together. The only drawback in Wednesdays in the Tower is that it ends on a cliff-hanger.  Makes me wish the next was already out, but gives me something to look forward to.  Overall, a wonderful magical story that continues the charm of the first story.   

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