Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picture Book Reviews


One of my favorite parts about volunteering for the school library is when all the new books the Librarian ordered come in. I always love perusing the covers and flipping through the pages.  So today, I have two picture books to share.
From Goodreads "Boot and Shoe were born into the same litter, and now they live in the same house.  They eat out of the same bowl, pee on the same tree, and sleep in the same bed.  But they spend their days apart- Boot on the back porch because he's a back porch kind of dog, and Shoe on the front porch because he's a front porch kind of dog.  This is exactly perfect for them.  But then a crazy neighborhood squirrel arrives....and everything goes topsy-turvy!.  Marla Frazee's Boot and Shoe are adorable.  I love the illustrations and silly humor.  There are great concepts of over, under, around and through and a nice message of how we each can like different things. 

The Second Book is about a little Goldfish who lives in a fish bowl all by himself.  On day one, he swims around his bowl and each day thereafter something new happens in his little bowl.  Eventually, Goldfish ends up with a clutter of other fish and he just wants to live in a bowl all alone.  But what Goldfish finds is that it isn't all that he thought it would be.  Great messages with cute illustrations throughout.