Friday, August 16, 2013

The Hero's Guide to Saving your Kingdom by Christopher Healy


Doesn't everyone knows the tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel  Sleeping Beauty and Briar Rose? But, what about the names of all the Princes from those tales?  Believe me, I was struggling with that one too.  I blame it on to many Disney movies growing up. Apparently everyone has just been calling them Prince Charming for years. Now if you asked Prince Liam, Prince Frederick, Prince Duncan and Prince Gustav, they would say it's all on account of those no good bards messing up the way things really went.  After reading the story, I can certainly see their point.  I really like Healy's take on these fairy tales and how each Prince, well and Princess alike is different from the way that I am used to.  Prince Liam is in an arranged marriage to Briar Rose, except she is spoiled, mean and down right rude.  Prince Frederick has his daily routine and Ella (Cinderella) is getting rather bored of it all.  Prince Duncan and Snow White are the only ones that are married but both haven't really settled into that role.  Prince Gustav has tried to stand out among his 16 older brothers but when he is saved instead of Rapunzel, he becomes the laughing stock of his kingdom.  The Prince's are not the only ones unhappy.  If you ask the witch she let Rapunzel go.   So, when the bards begin to go missing one by one, Ella decides she is up for some adventure and plans to go and rescue him.  This was such a fun retelling of the famous fairy tales, packed with humor and defiantly works for kids and adults alike.  I was laughing aloud at the narrators interjections into the story.  Loved the titles in each chapter and I think this would make for a great read aloud.  Lucky for me the next book is already available so there is an added bonus of not having to wait to see what happens next.  Great for 8 year old and up who enjoy fractured fairy tales. My review copy was purchased.  
     Here's the cover of Book 2, Published April 30th 2013.    



  1. Sounds like a fun read. I won book 2 and am hoping I'll be able to jump into the story there.

    1. I'll be curious to read your review and see how it reads starting with book 2. I'm ordering the second to see for myself too. Thanks for stopping by.