Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles: Fish Finelli Book 1 by ES Farber

Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles: Fish Finelli Book 1
Norman, known as Fish by his friends and family, has been fixing up an old boat with his pals Roger and T.J.   Roger is on the right and T.J. is the one with the pickle in his hand on the left.  Once the boat is finished, the trio plan to put on a Seagull motor boat engine then race in the Captain Kidd Classic. Fish has been saving up his money, but he is still about twenty-seven dollars shy of the fifty-four he needs for the motor.   To make matters worse, Fish enters into a bet with bully Bryce Billings that he can find the long lost treasure of none other than Captain Kidd himself.  Will he and his friends be able to pull off this feat?  

You know how on a hot summer day sometimes we stop for some ice cream? As soon as we're done eating it this feeling of "ah, refreshing" hits us.  Well, Fish Finelli kinda left me with that feeling.  Know what I mean? Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles is such a cute summertime read.  There is adventure, mischief, friendships and those illustrations by Jason Beene are so darn cute. Interspersed are some nice educational tidbits about Long Island, wild life and historical figures that seemed to enrich the story line for me.  Highly recommend for 7-10 year old boys and girls.  My review copy came from the public library.  

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