Monday, April 22, 2013

St. Vipers School for Super Villians: The Big Bank Burglary by Kim Donovan

Big Bank Burglary, theSt. Vipers School for Super Villains is a wonderful series by Kim Donovan.  I loved the idea of a school for super villains.  I mean they have to learn their skills somewhere right?  When I was contacted back in October by Kim Donovan to review book one "The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery," I jumped at the chance.  The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery was everything a first book should be.  It introduced the main character of Demon Kid.  A villain in training, who desired to be like his father, the best villain that he could be.   There were details of Demon's training at St. Viper's School, an introduction to his vile, villainous teachers and Demon's plan to steal a rocket back from the head "baddy" at school began to unfold.   

So, when I was contacted to read the second in the series, I eagerly grabbed this one up too.  The action in The Big Bank Burglary begins from the get go and it's a fun ride.  The Big Bank Burglary,  begins with the super villains competing in a challenge to see who will be helping on a special assignment, the Syndicate has plans to steal all of the money from the banks and wreck havoc on the world .   Demon thinks that he is a shoe in to be selected.  Yet, the new kid (Copycat) is gaining more recognition  and having  the ability to change yourself into anything you want  seems to be a strong advantage for Copycat.  Demon is very suspicious of Copycat, but when the bank burglary begins it's all Demon can do to stay out of trouble and ensure himself a spot on the bank heist.    I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to the St. Vipers School for Super Villains series.   The action is fast paced and there are all the things I expect in my super villains, CLICK's, WHIR's, and THOP's.  I also enjoyed that although Demon was overly confident in the beginning of the story, he learned some valuable lessons by the end.  Overall, recommend for children seven years and up who enjoy super hero's or super villains in this case and a wonderful action packed, humorous story. Review copy provided by author in the format of an ebook. 

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