Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Review of A Hero for WondLa

 And how WondLa has me reflecting on the movie Star Wars

A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi resumes the story with Hailey promising to take Eva Nine and Rovender (Rovee) to New Attica City so that she can finally find her place. Eva appears to be conflicted about Hailey's true intentions and whether she will truly be excepted by people in the city. Rovee kinda reminds me of Obi Wan Kenobi or Yoda imparting many words of wisdom to Eva Nine on how to "understand another's spirit by watching and observing as it is then one reveals his true self." As the three travel toward the city, Eva Nine begins to learn more of her past through holgraphic programs she finds aboard the Bijou and the idea behind the underground lab/Sanctuary in which she was born is explained. Things quickly change for Eva Nine once she reaches the city and new characters are introduced. Vanpa is the grandfather of Hailey who talks of leaving the city because he didn't "like the rules or fake pills" and cautions Eva on keeping her identity. During the Registration process Eva meets Cadmus Pryde who is the maker of the rules and the one who invented the Sanctuaries. When Eva asks about her companion Rovender, Cadmis recognizes that Eva is different and has his daughter Gen help Eva learn the ways of the city in an attempt to keep an eye on her. Part One ends with Eva coming to the realization that she doesn't really fit in to New Attica and a sense that something is not right. While hiding in the Aviary she meets Eva Eight (her sister).
Part Two begins with Eva Eight and Eva Nine(now to be called Eva) trying to find Rovender and escape the city. Things don't go as planned and soon Cadmus plans to detain them and perform mind control to get rid of their free thought. Hailey and Rovender are also now captured and are in the detention center. Kinda like Star Wars there are battles with boomrods and a hasty trip through a shoot to board the Bijou and exit the city to stop Cadmus' plans to invade the planet and kill its inhabitants. Big ship battles in the sky included.
Part Three After having narrowly escaped their captures, the crew attempt to return one of Rovender's clans men to his home. Nadeau sustained injuries during the escape and isn't expected to last much longer. After the crew reach Nadeau's people, his spirit is released and Rovee's father(who is the clan's elder) is able to finally hear why Rovee left the clan so long ago. Eva decides that they must go to Lacus to save Arius (a soothsayer with the ability to tell the future). As the crew leave, Eva Eight feels that the two sisters must go into the heart of the forest to retrieve the generator that will change the planet. She crash lands the Bijou injuring Eva and forces her into the Heart Sanctuary. Here they encounter an Entity that can see a persons real purpose and what is in their heart. Eva Eight has been found in need of regeneration and Eva Nine is healed by the water. The story ends with Eva planning to confront Cadmus and evolve his thinking so that "people may thrive."

The story of A Hero For WondLa is Eva Nine's story, one of the development of her ability to communicate with other living things, the "force" if your still following my references to Star Wars above, but also one of her growing up and coming into her own. As always DiTerlizzi has some wonderfully amazing illustrations to go with this world that he has created. This is one of the stories where if you like to see adventure where the hero goes out facing many trials and ordeals, then this one is for you.

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