Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review Nathan Hale's Hazaradous Tales: Donner Dinner Party

17290260 After reading Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood, I quickly perused my local library to find Donner Dinner Party.   I was curious to see how Hale would tackle a story about a group of American pioneers  getting stranded while traveling by wagon train to California, given that they had to resort to cannibalism to survive. The story of the Donner Party certainly is not an easy tale to tell, but it was informative while continuing to maintain  the charm of the previous Hazardous Tales. There are these two narrators (Captain Nathan Hale (the spy) and his hangman) that add all the humor to the story and kept things entertaining.  Also, because this could be a difficult subject for some readers,   I also really appreciated that Hale warns the reader and gives them an opportunity to skip ahead if they want to miss the parts that delved into cannibalism.   There is so much information packed into these graphic novels and I really felt like I had a very accurate picture of the struggles that these families went through, as well as the terrible decisions that they made along the way.   I'm looking forward to see what Nathan Hales next Hazardous Tales has to offer.    Anyone know the next title?  I can't seem to find it, but do see it won't be out until March 2015.  

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