Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Join Us for Classic YA/MG ReadalongsI joined the challenge over at The Midnight Garden to try and read at least 8 classic MG books in 2014.  It was an easy challenge for me to join because there are so many books out there that I know I must have read as a child.  Yet, if you asked me to pin point how old I was when I read it, well I would have a huge struggle.  Books were kinda like clothing in my house as a kid, they got handed down from one child to the next. 

Charlotte's Web  So to start things off, I picked Charlotte's Web.  The edition that I read was published in 1952 (that isn't the cover off of the book I read, but came the closest).  My edition was well  worn and appeared to have been read many a time over the years in the library.   I picked Charlotte's Web because it struck me as one of those books that I would have read and loved as a child.  It's so easy to see why this book is a timeless classic.  Instant appeal, characters that are endearing and a heartfelt story-line.   Part about a girl who comes to love the companionship of a pig, and a pig who finds friendship with a spider.  It's also about growing up, as we see Fern begin to show more interest in riding a ferriswheel with one of the local boys then watching Wilbur compete in the fair.   It's also a story of loss dealt with in a gentle manner.  Lovely, lovely book that I really enjoyed revisiting.  Favorite line "The grass was wet and the earth smelled of springtime."  


  1. Brenda! I am so late in visiting this post, but I was so pleased to see it pop on Twitter with the hashtag. I LOVE this book so much and keep meaning to reread it sometime, I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it just as much this time around as an adult!

    How amazing that you have a 1952 edition, too. I first started re-buying all my childhood favorites in my early twenties from ebay and secondhand bookshops, and I often deliberately purchased older library editions because I associated them so strongly with the reading experience I had as a child. My mother took me to the library every week, and the library is a magical place to me still.

    Love the quote you pulled, too. So glad to have you participating in the challenge!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Thanks for stopping by Wendy, I so enjoy your blog and look forward to see which MG books you all have selected. I wish I could say that this is my edition, it's actually from my the school library where I volunteer. They have some great classics that are almost antiques but the kids keep checking them out. Guess it goes to show that not all books need a cover makeover, a great book stands the test of time.

    2. Such a good point! I'm so happy when books keep their original covers for the most part. I really dislike a lot of the re-dos, like the Beverly Cleary books for example. And, um, we just posted the March book today, in case you're interested... :)

      Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    3. I saw the pick for March and voted for Harriet the Spy for April's read, it's been a long time. I also want to reread Matilda sometime.