Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grimoire The Curse of the Midions

Grimoire: Curse of the MidionsJarvey Midion had always had strange dreams about having special powers.  These dreams involved making baseball bats explode and lights flicker on and off.  Problem is that his dreams usually happened.  Jarvey and his family have just learned that their great-great grandfather has passed away, so they travel to London for the reading of the will.  Jarvey would much rather be at home going to baseball tryouts but it isn't really up to him.  Falling victim to jet lag, Jarvey takes a nap.  When he awakens, there is a note from his parents saying they are visiting another Midion relative in the area.  As Jarvey explores the hotel,  he meets locals who give him some history about  Hag's Court and hint about people who can do magic.  Upon returning to his room, he is visited by a mysterious man warning him to "Beware the book."  He also receives a telephone call from his father who says that his great-uncle will be picking him up shortly to come to Midion Mansion.  Once at the Mansion, Jarvey is questioned by Siyamon about whether he has "the art" and is tested by having him open the Grimoire of the Midions.  As the pages of the book fly by, Jarvey is thrust through the book into another time and place.  Jarvey must now find out what happened to his parents and how he is going to get back to his own time.  

Time travel books are intriguing to me.  This particular book involves a Grimoire that has magical powers to transport people to Lunnon, the place in this story.  To use the book, one must have certain magical abilities, for which Jarvey has no knowledge that he posses but may learn how to use more in the books yet to come.  The story is pretty short but there is lots of action as he meets a gang of children in Lunnon.  At the same time, he is trying to hide from a relative who is in Lunnon.  The story reminded me of Oliver Twist with the street children hiding in buildings, stealing food to survive, while trying to avoid the Tippers (police).  Overall an enjoyable story, three out of five stars.  My copy was from the Library.   

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